PM in Ladakh: Challenging China, trusting jawans / Modi meets injured soldiers after remembering the martyrs of Galvan, said- the whole world is analyzing your valor


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the injured soldiers at the hospital. He told me that I bow to the mothers who gave birth to you.
Bodopress: 03 Jul 2020
New Delhi, The soldiers raised slogans of Vande Mataram, the Defense Minister said - the morale of the army increased, 20 soldiers were killed in Galwan, Modi said that sacrifice will not go in vain.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly visited Ladakh on Friday. In the evening he met wounded soldiers hospitalized. These soldiers were injured in clashes with Chinese soldiers in Galvan. During this time he said, "I bow to you." I salute those mothers who gave birth to brave warriors like you, brought up, and then gave them to the country. Our soldiers show their might.

They face such powers that the world wants to know who these heroes are, how is their training? The whole world is analyzing your bravery. "

First Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was going to go Ladakh Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was to be known, but Prime Minister Modi arrived at 9:30 am with Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief General MM Narwane. He first went to Leh. From there, the forward location at an altitude of 11 thousand feet in Ladakh reached Neema. His visit came 18 days after a violent clash with China in the Galvan Valley.

In Neemu, the Prime Minister understood from the Chief of Defense Staff General Rawat about the strategic deployment of the Army. Then spoke to Army, Air Force, and ITBP jawans. After this, 26 minutes address was given to the soldiers. Through this address, he gave 5 messages to China.

The courage of the soldiers of India is not less than anyone in the world
Modi said, "No one in the whole world can match the difficult situation in which you protect the country today. Your courage is even higher than where you are stationed. Your determination is even stricter than the valley you measure every day. Your will is as strong as the surrounding mountains. "

Remembering the martyrs of Galwan, he said - the world has seen the power of India The Prime Minister said, "Just what you and your comrades have shown valor has sent a message to the whole world about what India's strength is." I am also seeing women soldiers in front of me. Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar wrote that the land which had been endangered by the war cry was still alive, today its praise. Today I speak your words with my voice.

I also pay tribute to the martyred soldiers in Galvan Valley. Today the head of every countryman bowed respectfully before you and bow down.

Modi said, "The whole of Ladakh is India's head." There are stories of the 14th Corps of Jambaji. The world has seen your indomitable courage. Your heroic stories are echoing from house to house. Bharat Mata's enemies have also seen your fire (fire) and fury (outrage). You are the hero of the same earth, who has given a befitting reply to the attacks of many invaders. We are the people who worship flute Krishna, we are the same people who follow Sudarshan Chakradhari Krishna as their ideal.
Modi said, "The era of expansionism is over. This era is of evolutionism. Development is only relevant in a rapidly changing time. There are opportunities for this. Development is also the basis of the future. In the last centuries, expansionism was an attempt to destroy humanity. The insistence of expansionism has always threatened danger in the face of world peace. History has shown that such forces have been erased or forced to turn. This has always been the experience of the world. The whole world has made up its mind against expansionism.

The Prime Minister said, "Lord Gautam Buddha has said that courage is related to commitment. Courage is compassion. Courage is that which teaches us to stand on the side of truth, fearlessly and steadfastly. Courage is that which gives us the energy to say and do what is right. The indomitable courage shown by the valiant sons of the country in the Galvan valley is the culmination of the might.

Meanwhile, China's Foreign Ministry said that both countries are trying to reduce tension through military and diplomatic negotiations. In such a situation, no party should do such a thing that worsens the situation.

Earlier, Modi spoke to Army, Airforce, and ITBP personnel at 11,000 feet high forward location in Neema. The distance from Neemu to China is just 250 kilometers. The Prime Minister shared a photo of the conversation with the soldiers on Instagram.

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